Anyone got a Staph infection before? Was it positive coagulase or negative coagulase staph?

the Positive Coag Staph aures the main culprit that cause soft tissue infection in human.

But there also the NEGATIVE Coagulase Staph.

I have a weird case of infection from the NEGATIVE kind of Staph.

Anyways, can you your story of Staph infection?

And is possible for the lab to read the wrong Staph, like it a positive coag staph, but they read it as a Negative Coag staph?

I will share my story below, if you not interest to read it you can just skip the portion below: sorry tmi I guess.

I got infectied with a NEGATIVE Coagulase Staph infection.

This was confirmed by an culture where it show light growth of NEGATIVE Coag Staph Simulans. This specific staph is the main infection in cattles, horses, cows etc… It rarely infected human (only few cases documented) and those that got infected were herders and butchers, as they are the one that deal with these animals on daily basis.

However sometimes this Staph Simulans does live on human normal skin flora but usually don’t cause harm.

Noted, there is NO cattles or horses where I live, I live right in the city not the rural, so there no herders, butchers, etc… I think you know what I mean. It just so weird that I got infected with this specific staph.

And worst, out of all the place it can infected me, it infected my belly button. My belly button was oozing out foul smell mushy pus mixed with red blood. Doctor did a culture, result said: Light growth, bacteria Staph Simulans, a NEGATIVE Coagulase staph, that up to today there only a few cases document that it cause harm to human.

I don’t have any pets, no where near me has sheep, horses, cattles, etc… How the hell I got this thing in my deep belly button! It just so weird.

It is possible for the lab to read the wrong Staph, like it a positive coag staph, but they read it as a Negative Coag staph?

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@wc2022, I have not and I may have been exposed as I live on a working farm and work with animals daily. From some of the reading I just did S. Simulans was formerly only seen in farm animals especially in dairy cows causing mastitis. There is evidence that S. Simulans is able to form colonies on human skin. Also it is one of the bacteria found in diabetic osteitis (infections in the feet.

There seems to be a problem with antibiotic resistance. This would make sense since many dairies routinely prophylacticly treat cows during the 2 month dry time with antibiotic infusions into the udder. This is one of those antibiotic abuses that leads to resistance.

Anyway take the full course of antibiotics. Don’t stop because it seems to have gone away. This is another thing that causes antibiotic resistance. Oh and don’t stick your toe in your belly button. Well it’s funny in my head.

I’ve never had it myself, but I know that diabetics are more likely to get it esp if your sugars run high for an extended period. And also anywhere that is hidden or wet, like between toes and I guess bellybutton, however never heard of it before.

In places where there is restricted blood flow are worse because your immune cells don’t get there fast enough.

Your bellybutton has lots of blood flo though, but it’s hidden and a place for any bacteria to grow.

The test for staph is pretty easy to determine. No one was confused in the lab. It’s possible they just reported it wrong.
If you got a positive result for this n. Staff then you can be sure it was verified by a second scientist.
This is something so rare, it wasn’t even routinely checked 5 years ago. You got staff or you got something else.
Only because these infections have started showing up, that it’s looked at more closely and differentiated.

Anyway it hardly matters antibiotics will kill both types, but they might give you more or for longer
Try to keep tight control of your sugars you don’t want a chronic infection that is resistant to antibiotics