Anyone have any ideas what these symptoms could be?

So I have had progressive symptoms in my legs over the past few years, some which have been happening for a long time before that. Ones I have had for a while are hair turning white and falling out, very sensitive and tender shins and somewhat calves as well, and slow healing wounds. Newer ones are edema and swelling, which is always there to some extent but seems to flair up quite badly at times which I am not sure what the trigger is, and also weakness that doesn’t seem to improve with exercise and an aching stiffness as well.

It seemed like a lot of the symptoms sounded like Peripheral Artery Disease, but today I had an ABI test and my circulation in my legs is apparently great with no problems at all. That is surprising though as I have felt like my circulation wasn’t that great. So with that ruled out, I am not sure what else it might be. I know many things can cause swelling or edema, but the hair loss and pain and weakness and such don’t seem to be related to much else that I can find. Everything I search for keeps coming back to PAD. SO does anyone else have any ideas, or have you had the same issues before and found it caused by something other than PAD?