Anyone have experience with Groovy Patches?

I found this website with what seems like a fun thing to put over your infusion site, called Groovy patches. After thinking about it, I ordered a pack of 12 patches (they come in packs of 12, 4 each of 3 designs) and realized that I had misread the list and ordered the wrong shape. I emailed immediately and since it was weekend, I waited to call until today. No one has yet to respond to any message I’ve left via email or phone and I have no idea if I’m getting the right thing or not.

Anyone have any experience with this company and can possibly allay or confirm my fears?


I ordered some for my 4-year-old son a few months ago… neat but ultimately useless little patches… he does enjoy them and they are reasonably durable. We didn’t order the wrong size so I can’t speak on that level of their customer service.

They were RIDICULOUSLY slow to ship - I mean weeks upwards of 3-4… and no communication at all.

I don’t have great feelings about the company itself… would I re-order? Probably not.

I recently ordered my first order from them. That is all the experience that I have with them. I still haven’t received my shipment, but it’s only been a week.

I finally got them-
What I found out about this company is that it’s out of a very, very busy design firm (Klavon Designs) and there’s one woman basically running the whole thing. She’s in 2 days a week, and she’s the only one that can access the account for emails or what have you.

Nice stuff, but I wish they’d have someone there a bit more regularly, rather than a family friend just two days a week!