Anyone have experience with Optibiotic?

If you currently or previously have used OptiBiotic (, what effects (beneficial or otherwise) did you experience?

My partner swears by the stuff if it’s taken at the first sign of cold or flu symptoms. After she returned from a week in Cancun with a friend, both she and the friend became ill with flu-like symptoms. I was at her house last evening for dinner and mentioned that I thought I felt the beginnings of a sore throat but wasn’t certain. I read the bottle label for ingredients and any warning, then took two (and immediately after swallowing heard in my head the phrase “talk to your doctor”…). Within two hours of an 86-carb dinner my BG dropped from 86 pre-meal to 32, and it took nearly an hour to get back up to 80. I re-checked my calculations, no mistakes, so can only surmise the drop was facilitated by the Opti Biotic. I’m the sort who likes to duplicate experiments, but this is one I’m not sure I’ll repeat!

I cannot find any information on the 'net, so am throwing it to you guys for input.



I’ve never taken OptiBiotic, but there’s nothing in the ingredient list that would cause low BG.

Vit C causes false low meter readings because it interfers with the chemical in test strips. So, your readings may not have been accurate.

Hi Gerri – I was afraid there wouldn’t be much response to the question…

Yes, the components of Opti Biotic don’t seem to be particularly harmful by themselves but there’s always the possibility of cumulative effect. The dilemma is that I can’t rely on an answer from the endo because she would have no naturopathic perspective – and a naturopath wouldn’t necessarily have the medical knowledge.

Thanks for the tip on Vitamin C possibly resulting in false lows. I can be certain, though, that a false reading wasn’t the problem on the particular night I was writing about – my vision was very affected, so no reason to doubt the meter results.

Guess I just need to decide whether I want to try the Opti Biotic again!

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Hi Vicki,

Don’t think there’s anything synergestically that would cause a cumulative effect. I take supplements that contain what’s included in OptiBiotic, with the exception of echinacea & echinacea wouldn’t cause a hypo.

Not unusual to experience lows when you’re in the early phases because your pancreas may still be producing some insulin that would account for this. When on insulin, your pancreas has a rest & there will be spurts of unexplained lows. We’ve all had this experience & often still do.

Happy holidays!