Anyone have the exact specs re both Animas Vibe and Minimed Enlite sensors. Gauge of needle? Footprint of transmitter?

Have seen one or two photos of both the Animas Vibe and Minimed Enlite sensor. Can’t find information, though on the needle gauge of either, as well as the size of the transmitter. The Vibe transmitter appears to be larger than the Dexcom 7 Plus transmitter we already have. Would like to compare the two… not that we have any chance of getting one for the next year… or two.

Have found reports that Enlite sensor’s gauge needle is 27 “at it’s widest point.” Currently, DexCom 7 Plus introducer needle is 26 gauge, I believe. Therefore, if Vibe is smaller than the current Dex 7 Plus, I believe the Vibe will have the smaller introducer needle.