Anyone heard about diabetics and joint problems

I saw my doctor last week and told him I had to have shoulder surgery and he told me that diabetics are prone to joint injuries, anyone else heard this?

This is how I found out that I am a diabetic. I went to see the dr because I had a frozen shoulder. The dr gave me a cortizone shot and then said by the way let me run a blood test. My blood sugars were 315 that day. I have not had the surgery but when my sugars are really high my shoulder hurts worse. A friend of mine had the same problem and had to have the surgery. Hers was so bad that she could not even move her shoulder at all. Another friend’s mom end up with a frozen jaw.

Good luck with your surgery.

this makes sense now on why ihave had both knees, right foot and about to have both shoulders done

Cody yes it’s true I’m living proff of that one! It will start our (atleast for me) as a pain in my shoulder then a frozen shoulder and it just keep going til I had done a the therpy I could and had to have it operated on with 1/2 of my rotater cup gone! Oh and don’t forget those steroids and steroid shots to remove the pain and swelling that ran the BS up out of control before I got thre surgery!

I have never heard of that before,but I guess anything is possible.I have been a diabetic for 22 years and have no joint problems.

I hadn’t heard it either. My ortho didn’t even say anything to me about it, my gp told me after I told him I was going in for another shoulder surgery. I go in Wed morning for it and if things go well I will be home that morning as well, but not sure how much I will be online as I am right handed and it is my right shoulder.

I have had 3 trigger finger surgeries and one that didnt do so well. When my sugar gets high my knee joints start to hurt so bad I can hardly walk. I gusse what happens is that the latic acid from the high blood sugar builds up and plus I have heard that your blood thickens also which in turn causes the pain.

Cody, a physical therapist said to me “oh yeah, diabetics stiffen up as they get older”. I’ve done a little bit of research on this and yes, db seems to affect tendons, ligaments and connective tissue - maybe because of poor circulation and lack of blood flow. If tendons and ligaments get stiff and don’t do their job of connecting bones and muscle, then things shift and get damaged. I also have frozen shoulder and triger finger.