Anyone here using Accuchek Aviva Model Glucometer

can i ask 4 a favor to anyone who have d sane model of glucometer. The problem is ders no supply of test strips for aviva hir in the philippines and im runnin out of supply, cud u spare me some? Ill appreciate it a lot, a friend of mine from middle east gave the meter to me but we lost contact and dont have anymore communications with him. I learned from accu chek website that the aviva model was only available in north and south america so ders no chance for me to have it acquire the strips here. I have been diagnosed with diabetes just last August 2008

Hi Gilmelvivez,
Have you tried contacting the folks @ the Pinoy Diabetics group?


Unfortunately, it seems nga that we can no longer find strips for aviva here sa pinas.

Since you are in the Philippines, you could try switching to Accu-Chek Active instead. 2200.00 lang naman siya, and it is simple to use. On top of that, its strips are readily available at any sizeable Mercury, Watson’s, and Manson drugstores.

I found this link at You may try to contact this party.|+ACCU-CHEK