Anyone here who lives in Mexico?

Hi, I’m new to TuDiabetes, new to the forums, and new to diabetes (T2). I was just diagnosed on November 27, 2009. I have a million zillion questions and have discovered that there are at least 2 million zillion answers–in other words, at least 2 for every question!

Does anyone here live in Mexico? It would be helpful to hear from someone else in this country. Treatment seems to be handled a little bit differently here.

Thanks for being here!

Hola Cristina,

Te recomiendo que visites nuestra comunidad hermana EsTuDiabetes (en español) mas del 30% de nuestros miembros son Mexicanos. :slight_smile:

Mil gracias, Andreina, ya entré a EsTuDiabetes y estoy con ustedes. Te agradezco muchísimo por el consejo.

Un abrazo