Anyone interested in the MiaoMiao2?

I was using the Libre 14 Day system for a few months. I ended up having so many issues with failed sensors and terrible calibration that I ordered a MiaoMiao2 transmitter to fix the calibration. When I got the transmitter, I found it was way too big for me! I’m a very petite girl, and I was having to put the sensors on my thighs because I don’t have enough fat on the back of my arms. Unfortunately I can’t put the MiaoMiao2 on my thigh and wear my pants. It’s just too big. But sending it back to China is super sketchy. The transmitter was $190. And I’ve never had good experiences sending stuff back to China.

So I wanted to find out if anyone was interested in it. I’m planning to list it on eBay at a discounted price. I’ve charged the battery to make sure it powers up, but it’s completely unused.

I already own a miaomiao2 that is collecting dust since it doesn’t work on android 10, if you are within the return period, im recommending to return it and keep your tracking number, you can also try 4" opsite flex fit tape or iv3000 patches…the libre and miaomiao2 is still smaller than the Dexcom, but I hated the tomato app and xdrip only works on android 9 in the u.s.