Anyone know a trusted Tandem Rep

I’m in the DC area. Have done the classes online, but need more info. Have concerns. Currently on a Medtronic pump, warranty expired, and a G5 Dexcom…

Someone I can trust! Your suggestions are appreciated.

I switched from Medtronic to Tandem. So far very happy with the move. G6 integration and Basil IQ is very good.

I would ask here.

Chances are pretty good if somebody posts bogus information then somebody else will politely (lol) correct them.


I agree with @Tim35 to ask here, maybe in addition to calling.

Another option is to ask your doctor if there is a local rep or trainer, that might meet with you in person.

Hi @T1Forever. I’m on the West Coast, but I trained over Skype with a very informed lady in San Antonio, TX Her name is Lesli Staton, and contact email is lstaton [ at } tandemdiabetes { dot] com. I was suitably impressed with her training style, product knowledge on what I thought was an esoteric question, and willing to answer some of my not so smart newbie questions. If I remember correctly she is also a RD, CDE and I presume she is still with the company.


Thank you very much.

Most welcome

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