Anyone know anything new about smart insulin or smart cells?

The whole deal with smart insulin sort of died when Merk bought the company SMARTCELLS.

I can't seem to find anything about it from the past 2 years.

It seemed to me to hold the most hope for better treatment.

Does anyone know of anything going on?

All I really know about it is from reading Gary's posts about it which seem to suggest that they were bought to keep them off the market by an evil pharmaceutical monster. I don't pay that much attention to "cure" developments as I figure they are pie in the sky until I can go buy one or, more likely, figure out how to make insurance pay for it? It's intriguing but nothing to count on.

AHH. I was actually thinking the opposite. I thought they were working feverishly on it and would be close to springing it on us. Usually companies get very quiet before the break big news.

This idea is not even touted as a cure, just a better way to take insulin.

The profits behind a product like that would be gigantic. I hardly see a reason to sit on it.