Anyone "mix and match" their testing supplies?

For those of you who own more than one meter (or just want to chat about your one meter):

I just bought a Walmart Relion Micro meter because it has the cheapest strips. Before this I was using a True2Go which I like - or maybe I am just partial to it because it is my first meter and all.:)

But since I have no insurance - $20 for 50 strips is a lot better than $40 for 50 strips. So I need to save bucks here since I test six times I day.

So the Relion comes with the extras that the True2Go came with to - lancing device, carrying case etc. I tried my Relion and it is neato but not as cute and small as my True2Go - plus I like my Walgreens lancer that came with my True2Go better than the Relion one. Weird as I had it on the same medium setting but could hardly feel it (you are thinking - isn't that good?) but it seems weird to me. I guess maybe I used to some pain or something. haha! Anyone, I don't like the way you are supposed to load it, But than I noticed that the free lancets it came with were the 30 gage and I was using 26. It is a little awkward getting the lancet in the Relion- the Walgreens one is easier to me. :)

Even though the Relion comes with those different color faceplaces and my favorite color is red - it is the wrong red (bummer!) so I am going with the blue. My True2Go is my favorite color - dark red. It is the same color as blood - like a teeny vampire. hehe.

So, even though I will be using the Relion meter for the cheaper strips - I think I still prefer my cute True2Go. They both have nice features - although I never really set up my 'features' on my True2Go - the Relion beeps which is cool. The Relion reminds me of my MP3 player which is shaped like a cigarette lighter! :0

I still like the Walgreens lancer better than the Relion so I think I will be mixing and matching my devices. I like the carrying case that came with the True2Go better than the Relion one.

On the other hand too, I have a free Breeze 2 that got sent to me in the mail from a diabetic recipe site- has case and lancer too (no data port for the tech part though). It is WAY too big - it is like little tv remote or something - but it is techy which I like but I could NEVER afford those discs so I haven't even tried it yet. I don't think I will never want one of those biggie ones - no matter how many features they have. I am still debating whether or not to give it away or not or save it for a day when I have insurance and could afford to try it out. It did come with one disc though.

But I like the small and tiny. Compact and Convenient.I guess I want to still try to be a simple girl even though this disease is high maintenance:)

i use whatever poker comes with the one touch ultras. I like wavesense because the strips are 16.49 for 50 at walmart and i love the meter. I was going to try the relion meter but they never sent the control solution and i got to lazy to buy any. I use bayer contour usb right now, can’t wait to try the pdm with the ipod though! YAY

The Breeze2 has a data port… You just need a special data cable for it, and it’s like $15 at their site (I’ve never bothered buying it). I buy the discs (when I can afford to) online, with a prepaid credit card… some come with free shipping… for less than $20, for 50. I use that one when I’m at home… and my FreeStyle Lite when I’m on the go, which is tiny. Strips are much, much cheaper online. I never buy them at stores… It’s too much money for people with no insurance… robbery, really. I use google shopping for searching for them. The reason the Breeze2 is bigger is because some people have Carpal Tunnel, or arthritis, and it makes things really hard… with tiny individual strips, or a small meter… For me, I can’t handle the little individual strips too well, so I tend to favor the Breeze2.