Anyone on omnipod , I'm not but wanna know more

I can’t believe that I just found out about the omnipod , I even went to the dr last week and he didn’t even tell me about this I found out by reading a magazine if any one is on this please tell me If and how it is helping your control because to be honest I have not been getting as good of control as I used to with the paradigm insulin pump my recent a1 c was a 9.4 which is the highest that I’ve been in years and sometimes I feel that I don’t have any energy or strength to continue with college just because when I get high bl it takes all my zest for life away, makes me feel negative , and I just want to understand why high bl affects your mood so much like there is a such a strong connection between whether I feel positive or negative depending on my bl

I think the way an Omnipod manages diabetes is similar to the MM pumps but the main thing is the tubeless design? Maybe that would help you feel better about things somehow?

I agree that highs don’t make me feel very good. Some physical but also mental feelings of having 1) messed up earlier 2) having to clean up the mess and 3) remember not to do whatever it was in the future. Perhaps part of the reason I don’t keep logs except for computer ones is so I don’t dwell on mistakes too much?

Hi Marie - I just started on the OmniPod in January. I had used a MM while in college (back in the day!). The OmniPod is an insulin pump like the paradigm. However, it is tubeless (the pod sticks to your body and has the reservoir in it and the hand held contraption ‘pdm’ talks to it electronically {RF}). It has the same bolus/basal idea, but I am wear the reservoir on the pod, not in the pump attached by tubing.

Hmmm, that was really confusing! You might just want to check out their site: :slight_smile:

Good for you for wanting to improve your current status! I always feel crappy (physically and emotionally) when by bs is out of control. Good luck!