Anyone on the Omnipod Dash?

Went for my omnipod training and my trainer thought that the Dash used a Samsung S5 custom phone?

They will be trained on it and agreed I could switch once out. All I hear is Q1 2019.

For those on it:

  • Is it the Samsung S5 or what custom phone?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What don’t you like about it?
  • What details can you give?

Anyone has received it?

Found this

I’ve been using the Omnipod first and second generation devices for many year. I’m now looking into getting the Dash.

So far, what I know about it is they have different medical classifications. The old Omnipod was classified as a medical device under part D. The new Omnipod Dash is classified as a pharmacy benefit. As a pharmacy benefit, no medical necessity forms or blood test are required. Only a prescription from a doctor.

Insurance coverage is what I’m looking into now.

Technical info:
It uses a cell phone like PDM with rechargeable batteries (24-48 hours on a charge).
It requires a passcode to use.
It connects with bluetooth to the PDM and iPhone app, which only reads the data from the PDM. You cannot control the Omnipod from the iPhone app.
The pod itself looks almost identical to the second generation pod.
The PDM doesn’t have a built-in glucose meter. You need to pair it with a Contour Next meter, which appears to be very accurate.

There is more info at





Those are 3 pretty big negatives for me.

Particularly the passcode to unlock the phone. I am looking for less button-pushes, not more.

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I agree.



I totally agree as well. But the good part is that eventually the dash pods will work with Tidepool Loop which sits on an iPhone and controls not only the Dexcom but the Omnipod as well without the rileylink like I have to do now! And then there’s Horizon, but that’s a totally different animal.

The FDA is getting more and more trusting of non hardened hardware controlling insulin delivery. The tech is there, we just have to get them to trust us.

I currently absolutely LOVE loop and being able to set my own thresholds etc. and dose right off my iPhone. But it is not FDA approved. Its all DIY with no official support. But the people on FB are excellent troubleshooters and really help each other out. I’ve learned so much.