Anyone play contact sports with the pod on?

My son plays football and basketball,and we were wondering about the pod verses other pumps because
of it.Presently he is on shot therapy,and is really interested in getting a pump.I realize he could take the pod of but that wouldn’t be very practical.Were as with a traditional pump he could just unhook while playing.BTW he is almost 10 and has had type one for 5 years.
Thanks in advance for any help.

I believe that basketball would be no problem at all for the pod, but during football season, I think it would be a little rough. I am 15 and pretty active, but no physical contact sports. I would probably suggest a pump rather than the Omnipod if he doesn’t want to do shots over football season. I love the pod, but it would be hard to switch as compared to the pod system. Consider his everyday life as well. I hope you guys make the best decision!

Thanks for the insight.He wore the trial pod on his stomach and it seemed fairly well protected there,but my concern is when he gets older and the game gets more physical.
I really love the idea of the pod and if it were for me that is what I would get and live with the consaquences, but since it is for Cole(my son) I wont to make the best decision first not later.
Plus with our insurance we only get one shot.

Remember that you get a 45 day trial period where you can return the OmniPod if it isn’t working for you. Some here have reported trouble getting the refund, but my guess is that persistence will win out and you can get the refund since they advertise it so heavily.

Good point.Only thing is football season is over monday,but worse case scenario is to go back to shots like Daniel sugested during season.

I have gone back to shots a couple of times during the summer for wakeboarding and stuff, which isn’t bad at all, but I would rather have the pod for the rest of the year! I am sure I would snag the tubing on something, especially at school with careless people walking around.

I play basketball with the pod. It can get pretty physical. I tried it on my abdomen, but it quickly got knocked off. Now, I wear it on the inside of my thigh when I know I will be playing. I’ve never lost one there.

Thanks for the info Jim.I never really thought about wearing it there.How high up on your thigh do you wear it?
Just curious about it rubbing the other leg.
Some people don’t understand how rough basketball can get do they.

I wear it fairly high up --about one-third of the way between my groin and my knee. I wear it on the inside, but more toward the front so that it doesn’t rub my other leg at all. Sometimes I wear it pointed it up and sometimes down. I try to keep moving the cannuala site around to avoid building up scar tissue. I have used both thighs. And, yeah, basketball gets pretty physical, especially in the paint.