Anyone taking Actos?

When I eat right (salads, low carb, wide variety, avoid certain foods that I know cause spikes), my blood glucose bounces like a ball between way high (as in over 200) and way low (as in 60s). I stopped testing because it was so damn depressing. I work so hard to watch what I eat and it just bounces all over the place. Worked to narrow down the foods that cause spikes (potatoes, sweet tea, etc) and then eliminate or cut back on them (I live in the South. Sweet tea is a religious sacrament).

When I don’t give a rip what I eat, my blood sugar swings are less. The level goes up and stays up (150-250) with very little lows unless I wait too long between meals (4 hrs and the rock starts falling).

So my doc and I are talking yesterday and as soon as I said I’d given up testing, she FINALLY heard what I was saying. I am now trying Actos. I will be taking it and Metformin for two weeks then stopping the Metformin.

Anyone else take this?