Anyone try decorating their transmitter

Watching the development of the OmniPod Skins, I've been curious if anyone has customized the appearance of their transmitter?

Granted, it's quite a bit smaller than the OmniPod, but I'm sure someone could get creative. At the least, I've thought about painting it more of a flesh tone, just to keep it from standing out so much. If I could get them to make the adhesive tape colored as well, I could camouflage it pretty well.

Anyone else try this or have any cool ideas?


DexCom reps have always discouraged us from taping over the transmitter when trying to reinforce the tape, suggesting to only tape the tape. I wonder if the reasoning behind this might preclude the use of a skin on the transmitter.

Ummm well, yeah I decorate the adhesive part. Here are a few:

Wait til you see what I have planned for Halloween! I love my Dex.

Love what you've done with your DEXCOM! :-)

The last two sensors have been on my upper thigh, so not much reason to decorate now. I'll definitely have to get creative when I rotate back to my arms before it starts getting too cold to wear short sleeves.

I love the Dex as well. Can't wait for the next generation and the 30 ft. range so we don't always have to be so "close." :-)