Anyone use Doubek Medical Supply?

We have changed insurance and based on what our new insurance dictates we can no longer use Insulet to supply our pods. We will be going through a company named Doubek Medical Supply. I looked them up online for reviews and found a site that gave 16 reviews on this company. They had mainly 4-5 star reviews but all of them seemed to have very close wording to the others, some exactly the same. The couple 2-3 star reviews were unique in their own issues, etc.... Anyone use this company and had good or bad experiences?

I had the same situation as you. Switched to Doubek probably a year and a half ago because of insurance. I’ve had nothing but good experiences. Very fast shipping, quick and reliable communication. They’ll call my cell to remind me to order pods if for some reason I’m going month to month and not on automatic reorder.

I think you’ll be just fine! They’ve never caused me any trouble whatsoever.

I’m going to be starting with the pods this week. I’m using Doubek as a supplier. Nice to hear about good experiences.

Check your Rx Drug insurance provider if different. Mine (Medco/Express Scripts) provides pods @ $0 copay vs the 20% DME copay.

Thanks for the responses! I received a call from the Doubek representative end of last week and she was very kind and thorough. I think we will be just fine. Also, this is the only company we can use d/t insurance requirements.