Anyone use Starlix?

I just heard today about Starlix for the first time: anyone here heard of it? Anyone using it? Any comments about your experience with it?

I used it for a couple months, but I actually turned out to have Type 1 diabetic (LADA). On the other hand, I’ve never heard of anyone else taking it. My pharmacist had never heard of it and had to special order it; she said it sounded like an adult film star, heh.

Anyway, when I took it I still had a lot of working beta cells but almost no first phase insulin response. I took the maximum dose with meals and found it worked okay if I stayed between 45 and 60 grams of carbs, but sometimes I’d end up on the low side (~70) two hours later. I don’t know if that was the medication or not, since I was hypoglycemic before I became diabetic.

My endo was surprised when I saw him the first time and he found out I was on it. He said he doesn’t like to prescribe it much because it could be exhausting the beta cells. However, at that time he may have been thinking I would end up being Type 1.

I’m probably going to start on Byetta myself in a month. I have to go back in for my annual blood workup, then we go from there. I’m pretty excited about it because I hear a lot of people lose weight, even while using orals that can keep weight up.