Anyone use the Smart Charts or the Balance and Stretch Diabetes Management books? Logbooks?

If you use the Smart Charts - do you take the time to graph your BG with the line on the top of the page? Have these helped with pattern management? These charts are really pushed by John Walsh in the Using Insulin book.

Another one I tried in the past was the Dayrunner - Balance and Stretch Diabetes Management books - they are currently on sale $29.99 for the 12 months. In addition to the diabetes portion, they also track weekly goals for balance for health, for life, stretch for me, for others. It reminds you that your life is more than just diabetes - which was positive.
This link also shows the pages in detail. Alot more room to track your food, BGs, insulin, exercise. But I was not into pattern management (like I hope to be more in the future - prosactive rather than retroactive)

I currently have created my own logsheet, 3 sheets to a week. What I do not like about this is having to always print out the sheets. But at least I can fold the sheet up and put it with my testing equipment and insulin pens. I am more likely to remember it.

Does anyone else have a different chart or logbook they like better and why?

How do you do pattern management of your BG and insulin types, times and settings?