Anyone use US Healthlink as a mail order pharmacy?

Dexcom is having me use US Healthlink (out of Florida) to get my G6 under Medicare. She said they’re usually pretty quick with fulfillment.

I could have continued to use Edwards Healthcare, who I get my Libres from, but every time they need to get a 6-month update from my Endo something gets delayed.

(The sales rep did say I could change if there were problems and that she had several other places I could choose from.)

I’ve been using US Healthlink for ~18 months. Normally I call them 2-3 weeks before I’m out of sensors and they ship me a box the next day. Once or twice I didn’t call and they called me to see if I wanted them to ship more sensors.

So far they have done a good job.

Thanks. Waiting on my initial call to start with them, but now I’m hopeful they will be good.