Anyone used Lakanto sugar substitute?

Has anyone tried Lakanto, a sugar substitute? It’s not carb free (2 carbs per teaspoon), but allegedly doesn’t spike BG.

Looks interesting. I already use Lo Han Kuo but this seems to be a combination of sugar alcohol and Lo Han Kuo. Might work better for cooking. I think I’ll check it out.

I use stevia & can’t handle other artificial sugars, but stevia doesn’t work well for baking.

What’s your experience been with Lo Han Kuo?

It works OK but it is such a tiny amount (1/8) teaspoon that it’s hard to measure. Seems like Lakanto has a bit more bulk.

That’s like stevia–tiny amounts. Does it effect your BG at all? I’ve never noticed anything adverse with stevia.

The Lakanto is expensive!

I can’t tell. I haven’t used it enough to be able to gauge. I just put 1/8 spoonful on my yogurt, and put a couple of teaspoons in a batch of homemade peach yogurt. That didn’t give me a spike but on the other hand my husband said it wasn’t at all sweet!

I’m curious why the Lakanto doesn’t effect blood sugar at 2 carbs a teaspoon. Of course, they’re selling this so who knows if this is even true. Not much if you’re adding a bit to something like yogurt, but baking with it would be quite a lot of carbs.

I think it’s because the carbs are from sugar alcohol. It is expensive. I bet it makes more sense to buy the erythritol separately, as that is the cheaper ingredient.

Great idea! Supposedly, their process doesn’t produce the same side effects as other sugar alcohols, but who knows if this is hype.