Anyone using Symlin?

My Endo wants me to use Symlin along with my pump to help tighten my control…

One of the reasons I had gone to a pump was to avoid having to carry shots with me whenever I eat.

Has anyone out there used/is using Symlin along with their insulin ? How is it working for you ? Is it worth the extra effort of yet another injection ?


Sorry never heard of this, but I go for my quarterly Endo appointment later this month…I’ll ask about this…very interesting.

Symlin has worked wonders for me in terms of normalizing my blood sugars and allowing me to lose weight. I highly recommend it

I’ve heard fabulous things about Symlin and am planning on talking to my endo about it again at my next appointment. I talked to someone recently who is on it (actually an animas rep) and he said it has done amazing things to lower his post meal blood sugars. You do need to eat a minimum of 30g carbs I believe when you take it though.

Hi Jeff! I glad you ask this question… My Endo wanted me to think about taking Symlin… I’m still thinking about it… Plus I have to take a test before I get on it… but Still thinking… My family doesn’t want me to take Symlin… Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

I’ve created a “Symlin Users Forum” group for anyone who either has experience using Symlin, or would like more information on this new treatment which was FDA approved in March 2005, and became available in November 2005 for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Although there is much more detail available in the group itself, Symlin is approved adjunctive therapy for use with insulin, and is the first new treatment for type 1 diabetes since the discovery of insulin. Symlin (pramlintide acetate) is a synthetic form of the human hormone amylin which is also made by the pancreatic beta cells, but is completely missing in patients with type 1 diabetes and may also be in short supply in people with type 2 diabetes.

I am now recruiting people with both experience (past or present) as well as those who are seeking more information on this treatment for the group (some of you may have already received invitations). To the best of my knowledge, the largest Symlin user group can be found on Yahoo! Groups, and that group contains a mere 46 participants, plus, most of the messages for the last 6 months have been spam (the group moderator has gone AWOL, I would guess), so I’m optimistic we can do much, much better on that front! I am now seeking people with both experience (past or present) as well as those who are seeking more information on this treatment. I hope you will join us!


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By the way, the Symlin User’s Forum is now 21 members and growing. In fact, I would dare say we grew pretty fast since I only started the group a short time ago, and only really began promoting it on Monday. I look forward to vibrant discussions on this new treatment with everyone who has joined, or wants to join.

I am still using symlin since 2011. Would love to hear how others are doing with it. I have a pump and CGM so I follow the results. It used to be more effective. Maybe my body has become accustomed to it. I take 120 mcg with each meal. The BG would go down for 1 1/2 hours and then go up. There was no spike after eating! Now it seems different.

Using Symlin involves a lot of trial and error and dual waves. I’ve been using it since 2007.