Anyone using the Omni Pod Insulin Pump?

I started the omni pod insulin pump Dec. 2010. Its been going really well up until about a month ago. Each time I take my pod off it leaves my skin red and irritated for days. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve been using neosporin to heal the areas but they are not healing fast enough. I’m running out of places to put them.

Any suggestions?


are you using the Smith & Nephew Unisolve pads? we had the same issue all of a sudden with our dtr and found out from another Tu member that there was a recall on certain lot #'s and it was causing her to be red and rashy under the pod when before she was not. We stopped using them and now just slowly peel the pod off (which amazingly she is fine with) and no more irritation. I was massaging in Vit E oil to the irritated areas and that was healing them up pretty fast.

smith&nephew flexifix under the pod (i do not cut a hole in it… the pod’s insertion is strong enough to break through it), steroid/cortisol cream, iv prep/skin prep, do you use alcohol wipes? if yes, try without them, if no try them.

Or, try “IV Skin Prep” before placing new pod on your skin. Let it dry on the skin and it will form a chemical layer between your skin and the Omni adhesive which might be causing your irritation.

You may have already solved your problem but I will throw in my 2 cents worth. I try to change pods after a morning shower. Use an alcohol prep followed by a Cavilon no sting barrier film application. I let one dry before the other. Then the pod. Also use a piece of Kinesio tape over the cannula end of the pod. No I usually can’t see the cannula in the window anyway so watch BG to tell if all is well. Good Luck

Thank you for all of the good suggestions!!!

Caleb does not have this issue with Pods, but did have a reaction with the DexCom adhesive and we tried lots of things including some of these great suggestions you’ve already received. One thing several people have mentioned to me is that cleaning the site with just soap and water as opposed to alcohol provides great relief. The drying affect of repeated use of alcohol seems to really to a number on skin. I try to treat all of Caleb’s sites with Eucerin cream or Aquaphor. I find that he really needs to have smooth, healthy skin to avoid this reaction. We also place the Flexifix or IV3000 under his DexCom site, though I do cut a little hole. Have you reviewed the adhesive “tips” sheet that OP has?