Anyone using Uni-solve wipes?

Does anyone use Uni-solve wipes, and if so…how do you remove the sticky residue that is left on your skin afterwards? I ordered a box of these wipes from my local pharmacy and they do work really well to help remove the OmniPod when it is time to change it. However, I must be doing something wrong because the sticky residue that is left on my skin is a real challenge to get off. Any hints??

Someone on another post suggest baby oil and I have using that with great success.

I sure have. Sometimes you have to use 2 or 3 an scrub. They work great, especially for getting off the residue from ECG stickies. I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I ‘discovered’ them.

Hi, Mayumi…I use Uni-Solve, usually the same wipe to remove the residue. I know what you mean about the sticky film that’s left behind sometimes. I’ve found that if I remove the pod sooner there’s less residue. The longer it’s left on…the more
goo. Also, you can order these wipes at a cheaper price from Diabetes Wholesale. For example 3 boxes from them vs 2 from the local medical supply.

Nail polish remover works on the Skin Tac residue…but then you have nail polish remover on your skin. It does wash off easily, tho

Carol…that may have been me. I used to use baby oil…nail polish remover also works well. I switched to the wipes when I made my first trip away from home and wanted something more convenient for travel.

I use Medi-Sol wipes, they are a bit more expensive but I find that they remove even the most goo-y messes. I managed to remove the residue from a Tegaderm dressing that I put over my dexcom sensor with just one Medi-Sol wipe (although that was after 3 tries with another desolver that didn’t seem to do anything!)

Thanks for this website!! I have been looking all around for the cheapest place to buy the wipes. I even had saved a cart in another website last night - but this is cheaper. If you are willing to buy enough (more than $100) at once, then the shipping is free as well. Of course that’s A LOT of wipes, but if you know anyone to split them with . . . Those wipes are the only reason my son is going ahead with the omnipod. He hated taking his first one off, but once we got the wipes, we are home free!

Hi. I use the uni-solve wipes also and sometimes use the nail polish remover to get the excess residue off…
thanks also for the website to get them at a cheaper price.

Thanks Janice for the tip on removing the pod sooner and there’s less residue. I will try that at my next pod change. Also I’m always happy to have a source to buy my diabetes supplies for a cheaper price.

I forgot to mention that you can get an additional 7% discount off of the already low low prices if you enter “TUDIAB7” into the promotional code area at check out…