Anyone wearing MM Glucose Sensor WITHOUT occlusive dressing?

Just started up on MM sensor as a trial to see how it works. I decided to top the site off w/ Polyskin II transparent dressing to keep it in position for as long as able…because I had some on hand. Remember using IV 3000 a long time ago. Wow…has been a while since I had to use this stuff given I now use QuickSets and they do not need any additional help. Well…I have itchy, red skin at the edges of the dressing that started just about as soon as I put it on! I am wondering if I can keep the sensor in place without it…or if I need to consider something else for the next one I place. Any thoughts or insights much appreciated:)

I wear my MM sensor 24/7 and at the moment I’m using IV3000. Rarely does anything ever bother my skin. After 7-8 days I have removed it and have noticed a “reddish” area where it was stuck on me. I just put some essential oils on it and I’m good to go. I put a drop of melaleuca oil on after I pull my quick-set too. As I said, nothing seems to bother me. I can take a mouthful of pills with a bit of water and down they go. I feel lucky. My wife is almost the opposite.
I wish you success in finding a tape that agrees with your skin.

I wear my sensor on my arm and use a plain old band-aid just to make sure it stays in place when I take my shirt off. I gave up on the tegaderm, IV 3000 after suffering the ichiness and rashes.

Patricia, I also have sensitive skin but manage to use the IV3000 to hold down my MM Sensor. I get red & start to itch, but only after a few days of wearing the dressing. However, I also use “Paper Tape” found in any drug store as help in preventing pulling out my QuickSet. I have an active job & perspire so the paper tape helps keep it from getting pulled out. No redness or itching. You may want to try it.

Thanks everyone for your experiences and insights:) I am powering on by pulling back the existing tape and applying cream! I do not want to remove this, my first site because I am getting a lot of good info and I had to pay for the sensors myself! I will try some of the things suggested on my next site:) I have always had a real allergic response to tapes, bandades, etc. They look like a burn when I remove them! I was hoping that some folks have been able to wear the sensors w/o anything, but I suspect not given the weight of the transmitter. I may try IV prep or something like it painted on surrounding the sensor (not where the sensor goes in…recommended against in the MM training videos online) and may experiment w/ other occlusive barriers/tapes as recommended in this thread. Thanks again to everyone who has responded. Will continue to follow as others come on w/ suggestions.


I use Nexcare tan paper tape and sometimes I put a a tegaderm tape over it. I usually start at the top and use 4-5 inch peices about 5 to cover it. Needs to be stable to keep the sensor working properly. I also get red rash if I use the IV3000 or the tegaderm by itself. Hope that helps…


Thanks, Jenni:)

Well seem to be doing much better w/ IV3000 on this last sensor…I covered the whole site and then pulled it back to remove the transmitter to charge it up. I will place another on top when I connect again. The site stayed super stable and no redness or breakdown:) I also used the serter to insert this one and wow was that easier! I think I got much better placement because it has been tracking great. Well…again, thanks to everyone who shared…I suspect others will find it helpful when they run into a problem. I have managed to learn a ton in just a few days…when I run into a problem I just search the site and get great suggestions. Take care all.

I am very happy using Skin Prep (let it dry thoroughly!) and reinforcing with IV-3000 (I cut a hole where the transmitter goes). No itch, very comfortable, on Day 12 right now!

Patricia, my daguther is also allergic to the dressing. As soon as she puts on the dressing it begins to itch and it her skin gets dark. I was told that she´s allergic to the plastic film, so I now use paper tape and she does fine with that.

Fun to go back and see these old posts! I decided on the Dexcom sensors and CGMS because it had a great adhesive pad (that did not make me itch) and tracks very well with my BGs. I have been using Dexom ever since to tailor my insulin regimen and prevent low BGs. I am safe and happy! #bestdecisionever