Anyone willing to trade in their Dexcom G4?

While I understand D is a business. And this probably makes good business sense to them, there is not a snowball's chance in hell I would ever give up my G4 for the Medtronic CGM and pump. I agree with some of the respondents here - smells like desperation to me. Since the 530G isn't even approved for pediatric use I'm curious who exactly would switch ? Anyone ?

Snowball for you.

For me, not a snowflake's chance in hell.

I agree with your assessment, BTW!

I wonder if this is even legal. It seems to me that this would be some sort of copyright infringement.

With what I have seen on the DOC and read in peer reviewed research publications in the D community I would not consider it even if it was free.

My G4 has helped me get to a 5.4 A1C with out going low while pumping with a tslim. Would not give up either of them. If I was forced at gun point to choose between the two I would keep the Dexcom G4. The difference it has made has been a life altering game changer!

Agreeā€¦the G4 is spot on for accuracy. I use the Medtronic pump and love it but will never switch to their CGM.

I use the G4 and MM 715. I am hoping that MM never gives up the option of the MM alone so I can keep going with the G4. I am on my second one and it did take a few months to become more in synch with my meter. It is not perfect by any means and occasionally frustrating with a big difference but, on the whole, it is a lifesaver in the real sense for me as I depend on it to awaken me during the night for lows (and highs) as I have no one to check on me.

MM would do themselves a great favor to get out of the CGM field and start a collaboration with Dexcom to transmit to the MM pump. I have been a MM pump user for the past 10 years and I am considering giving up on the MM pump and switch to Animus just for the Dexcom.