Apidra during pregnancy

Did anyone continue Apidra during pregnancy? I've been pumping with Apidra for three years and have been informed by my physician that it lacks research and I need to consider changing to Novolog or Humalog. I have zip experience with Novo/Huma but obviously want to make the best decision. I am debating on whether to stick with Apidra or change. Which insulin out of Novo and Huma would be the closest onset of action with Apidra?

Thanks you for your response in advance!

Since I am male, I have no experience with pregnancy to offer you. I'm thinking that your doctor may have read some studies on diabetes and pregnancy and the insulin in the study was either Humalog or Novolog.

I understand Apidra to be essentially equivalent to the other two rapid acting insulin analogs (RAA). Onset, peak and duration are similar. Person to person differences between the three RAAs have been noted many times here. In fact, I get site allergy symptoms from Novolog but not Humalog or Apidra. Some people think Apidra works faster for them. I have not observed this.

I disagree with your doctor's suggestion to change insulins. You are familiar with your body's response to Apidra. Why add another change factor to your already changing metabolism. I'm sure many women have successfully used Apidra during pregnancy.

Good luck. I wish you a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Thanks for your input! My doc has given me the choice, however, she wanted me to know that no research has been performed in pregnancy with Apidra. It is a pregnancy class C drug for this reason.

Hi pinkydown,

Congratulations!! Was it your pcp/endo/regular doc who offered the choice? I would ask your ob/gyn this question. I don't think I would use Apridra during my pregnancy. I suspect that because Apidra was not only not studied for pregnancy, it was not studied on children under age 4.
I use Novolog in my pump and recommend it, but I don't know any better. I remain quite insulin sensitive and bolus right before any meal. If you do change insulin, it will be necessary to test the onset action but it's not real hard to do. Let us know what you decide, and take care :)

Thank you! I actually have a Perinatologist during pregnancy. My OB wants nothing to do with my insulin ;)

I think I'm going to switch, just to be safe. It sucks, but I suppose its not worth the risk.