Apidra Question?

Yesterday when Camden got hooked up to his pump (Yay!), his Dr. mentioned switching him to Apidra. He’s on Novolog right now. In preparation for the pump, he was off of Lantus for over 24 hours. Yikes. His blood sugar went pretty high, but then it came down through the night well over 100. From like 365 to 214. Anyway, Dr. says that’s pretty obvious that he still has some function in his pancreas. I guess the rep for Apidra had just been there 10 minutes earlier and was saying that Apidra can preserve beta cell function, so she was wanting to make the switch. Sounds good to me, but the guy hadn’t brought his samples back in yet, so we’ll wait a little while.
I came home and have been trying to research this claim, but haven’t found it mentioned anywhere. Maybe I don’t know what to search for…
Anyone heard of this or know where I could get more info?

Congratulations on Camden’s pump!

Sure you haven’t found anything because there’s no research to find:) If Apidra preserved beta cells, there would be headlines & rejoicing. Apridra users wouldn’t need to increase doses either. I’ve been using Apidra since being diagnosed & it hasn’t helped mine. It’s either new marketing bs, or some very, very recent research.

What helps preserve remaining beta cells (& some believe they’re never quite as dead as we’ve been led to believe) is keeping BG as close to normal as possible. Different brands may work better for people. Apidra’s action works quickly & leaves quickly, so an advantage in some situations. Always worth a try to see if Camden does better with Apidra, especially with a free sample.

Sad, isn’t it, how our docs are educated by salespeople! I’ve never been to my endo or PCP when there aren’t a bunch of pharm reps there. They’re usually young, attractive women, too.

Thanks for your help. I knew I could look here for the answers!
I LOVE his Dr., but maybe she misunderstood or I misunderstood her. I thought, shoot! of course we’ll switch him if that’s the case!! But I tried to do some research since it sounded so perfect.
just like they say, “if it sounds to good to be true…”

Hope you misunderstood because I’d be wary of a endo who believed this & passed it on. Yep, “if it sounds too good to be true…” If you find out more when you speak with her, please let us know.

Wishing Camden the best.

I’ve been on Humalog/Novalog/Apidra since I’ve started pumping. Apidra doesn’t seem to start any faster for me, but it doesn’t seem to tail off like Novalog does. It is pretty much gone from my system in about 3 hours