I take lantus and humulin and its really working for me. I was like you before lantus everything I ate caused me to go sky high and I mean everything even lettuce! Id tell my endo I want to be switched back . Why mess with what’s working! I don’t blame you for being frusterated! I wonder why he switched you in the first place when it was working fine for you??? Humm id change back to what was working!

Good to know that I’m not the only one! I have been trying out Apidra and have a very similar experience, it just seems to not be working at all. I have to take way more than Humalog and it seems to barely lower my levels. My pump is full of Apidra and I’m using a Humalog pen because it just doesnt seem to do anything. I rotated my insuling pump to a new site and had the same poor results. I know for a fact the Apidra from my Endo is not expired. Guess Apidra just fails to work on some people and that includes us …

  • Karl

I had the same issue, and it’s definitely not a bad batch. Apidra just doesnt work for some people. I found it totally ineffective and went back to humalog.