App for logging meals and insulin

Hey all, I’m a software developer who is also Type 1 and I built a free Android app that helps to log meals and the insulin used to cover the meal, with the goal of making more informed bolus decisions by looking at the insulin used during past meals. I wanted a simple way to track meals and insulin usage in isolation and I wasn’t happy with what was available that I could find— existing apps seemed to range from trying to do everything under the sun, to just providing a bare bones insulin:carb calculator, or worse charging a monthly fee for what I was looking for.

I tried to keep usage as simple as possible— you just take a picture of the food and/or enter a brief description, and then enter the bolus amount. After a given amount of time, the app will remind you to check your blood sugar again, and if you need more (or less) insulin, you’ll enter that amount. When your blood sugar is normal and your insulin is done working, you’ll be left with a log you can reference with the insulin amount and how long it took.

Passing along in case it’s of any use to you, or if you happen to have any thoughts or feedback. Thanks!

BolusBoss - Android Apps on Google Play

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I like Glucose Buddy although I only record glucose levels. Pretty cool though as long as I keep phone on me it logs exercise as well.

Thanks @Andrcom! I checked out Glucose Buddy as well, and it looks like a solid app. I wanted to take a different slant and not focus on the blood sugar levels themselves. I felt like between all the existing apps and CGM’s on the market, that tracking blood sugar was well-covered. What I found lacking, when I looked, was a simple way to tie together a meal and how much insulin I took for the meal, which is what BolusBoss focuses on. It’s really come in handy for me, being able to quickly pull up a meal I’ve eaten multiple times before to see how much insulin each time took and put in an amount accordingly (instead of each time trying to figure out or look up the carbs and then do the carb:insulin calculations for the bolus).

Good luck!!