App to combine fitbit & onetouch meters with meal recording

Once again, I’m looking for suggestions for an app to get all my data in one place:

Fitbit (I wish the detailed step data were available, but I’d settle for exercise (with the time) and total steps per day)

Glucose meter (currently OneTouch Verio Flex)

A relatively easy way to enter food values and times (I mostly cook, so being able to create custom recipes, rather than a large database of prepared foods, would be great for me) along with the ability to enter a time for the start of the meal. I keep a rather erratic schedule and find that BG readings don’t easily fall into “before lunch” or “after dinner” based on time!

Water consumption also tagged by time

The ability to look at everything on my laptop as well…or to export the data in some form to a spreadsheet.

I’m currently on metformin only and have fairly good control (latest A1c 6.0) but there are some aspects of the exercise piece that I’d like to be able to focus on a little more intently.

Is there any app that currently combines all of these and allows for uploading/sync of both the fitbit and glucose meter?

(I tend to go on stints of a week or two of intensive monitoring to get a handle on how I’m doing, and much of the rest of the time, I’ll test a few times a day just to make sure I’m staying on track.)

The quest for a stable and full-featured diabetic data program is constant. I’ve tried a lot of apps and web-based applications on iPhone, Android, Mac & Chromebook platforms. I’ve used Glooko, mySugr and Diasend extensively. They all do a good job with what they offer but as technology changes even the best of those using “automatic” upload features tend to choke. If it’s not a new phone (Pixel 2) it’s the operating system (Mac High Sierra) or simply Medicare rules disallowing the use of the Dexcom app. Even upgrading glucose meters can make a program unusable. I’ve found compatibility the biggest challenge and a moving target. So I’ve gone manual with Diabetes:M . It’s an subscription based app that is rich with features, easy to navigate and I’ve experienced few hiccups. But my data doesn’t automatically flow from glucose meters, Dexcom or even Fitbit. I’m starting to see manual data entry as a positive. Anyhow, you might want to check it out. I’m liking Diabetes:M a lot.