Apple iOS - our Glucosurfer App has been published

The triple is complete! We are very happy to announce that our App called Glucosurfer has been published to the Apple App Store (iOS 6 only). With this release we offer Apps for iPhone/iPod, Android and Windows Phone.

The App allows you to manage your Glucosurfer diary on the go. Features only known from insulin pumps are integrated - like the Bolus Wizard or the calculation of Insulin on Board (IOB). For MDI users these features might be very new and we hope they will make your daily management tasks easier. Please visit our website or group for more details. The App can be downloaded here:

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Today the FREE edition of the Glucosurfer App for the iPhone has been published to the App Store. This edition has the same features as the full version.

This way you can test as long as you like before you buy. Please tell me about your experiences - even the negative ones - in the Glucosurfer Group.