Apple Watch and Insurance

Has anyone successfully had an Apple Watch covered by Insurance? Thanks for any insight!!!

Wishful thinking :slight_smile:


Thats not gonna happen. Its not a formal medical device.

Actually, it’s an fda approved medical device for the fall detection and heart monitor. Gives me hope :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thanks for bringing that point forward. This says that its ‘cleared,’ but not approved - kinda meaning that its a low risk device (because its just used for monitoring). It is, for instance, not the same as an ECG, but its also not going to do you any harm.

Never hurts to make phone calls and ask, but I can’t imagine a scenario where health insurance will cover. But, give it a shot if you desire and you have the time. Never know, you could be the first to fight it through. Maybe you have a good argument for it.