Apple Watch (iOS 14, etc) 2020 usability

Hey guys

Have always been curious about the Apple Watch’s, but have read a lot of stories about how bad the Dexcom official app is with the Watch, and that third party apps like Sugarmate are required to have it working decently. Sounds like there are constant work arounds needed.

And now, with the update of iOS 14 and watchOS 7, there are more changes that broke Dexcom support? Is this true? Can someone shed light on the reliability and worthiness of Apple Wtach & Dexcom in 2020?


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I have an iPhone 12 Pro and Apple Watch Series 6

Probably 90% of the time I use the watch to check my current blood sugar readings.

I mostly open the Dexcom App on the phone to look at what time I took insulin or consumed carbs.

With this current setup I am happy with the way the app works and don’t have issues.

If you have any specific questions let me know.

Thanks. You haven’t had to tap on the widget on the watch to restart it periodically? I heard that was an issue. Or do you use the Sugarmate app?

I’m also curious because I have a Tandem X2, which my Dexcom is also connected to. Does the Dexcom app on the watch give you notifications such as low/high sugars? If so, when you clear those notifications, I guess they would not clear on the Tandem, right?

I use an Apple Watch 3 with the current WatchOS 7.1 tied to an iPhone X running iOS 14.2. I am trying to comprehend your original post.

Dexcom’s G6 software for iOS and Watch OS are great. I have the data on my Watch just outside the 6 o’clock position. It is always there.

Sugarmate on the other hand is a rabid dog to setup. I gave up. There are 42 steps to set up Sugarmate including a special calendar and other goofy things - all fit to flush.

In your second paragraph, you comment about broken items and failed Dexcom support. I have seen none and must advise your conjecture is false.

Bottom line, Sugarmate is crap because of its setup complexity. Dexcom for 2020 in iOS14 and WatchOS 7 perform to expectations.

Hope this helps.

I’ve never used Sugarmate.

I never have to restart the app or watch/phone.

Not often but once in a while the Watch Face complication for Dexcom will show “–” which means its been too long since it got a reading from the phone so its not showing a number.

If you tap the “–” the watch dexcom app opens and updates.

Apple watch complications have limits on how often they can refresh their data. It’s not well documented but has to do with the battery life and other factors. This isn’t an issue for me.

All dexcom alerts the phone receives will go to the watch assuming its in range (20-50) feet.

The Dexcom watch app does the following.

  • On watch face shows current numb
  • Receive all high/low alerts from Phone
  • App shows history “dots” on graph for last (1hr, 3hr, 6hr).
    You only see the dots, you can’t get number values but its plenty good to see a trend.

I really like having the readings/alerts on the watch. As long as I can afford it I’ll be keeping the phone/watch combo.

Before Covid the watch was very helpful in meetings to check my sugar. It was much faster and I thought less rude then pulling out my phone to look.

Let me know if you have any other questions.