Appointment problems?

Yesterday I had planned to do some necessary errands. Then suddenly that morning I got dizzy, really dizzy, unable to walk let alone drive. After three hours of that, I got a belly ache. Blood glucose and blood pressure both okay, so I don’t know what happened. On the other hand, unexpected problems of some (usually diabetic) sort crop up often enough that I hate to make any kind of appointment or commitment. I truly admire PWDs who actually get off to work every day. Does anyone else hesitate to make plans?

I do, but for other reasons… I have ehlers-danlos syndrome and I don’t know from a day to day basis what my joints will feel like… some days are fine, and others I can barely drag myself out of bed because EVERYTHING hurts.

I avoid anything in the early morning… my husband takes care of getting the kids ready and off to school.

Hi Sarah. I looked up ehlers-danlos syndrome in Wikipedia, and it sounds exceedingly unpleasant. I have morning issues as well, thanks to once having had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and now having diabetes. I feed my dogs and stabilize my blood glucose, and then with any luck I can get on with my life at about noon, also with the help of my husband.

I think that from day to day I don’t let the db stop me from making plans. However, it’s certainly the events that are to happen in the distant future that I get freaked about. My sister wants me to visit her this summer. I think “where will I be health-wise”. Will some complication have surfaced that prevents me from going? So anything more than a few weeks away is put on my brain calendar in pencil.

No, I am very grateful that diabetes, aside from being a pain in the butt doesn’t affect my health. To me that is one of the mazing things about his condition, that it takes a lot of time to manage, but if we do that it really doesn’t mean “being sick” I’m wondering, Trudy, if you are seeing someone to determine what is going on for you? I’m sure people will tell me if I am wrong, but I don’t think just being a PWD generally make it so hard to do daily events.

Sounds like a lot of you have other challenges which impact your diabetes. I’m lucky right now. It’s just the betes.

Sarah, I have EDS, too! Hypermobility Type. Ain’t it a fun thing to have? Not.

Diabetes doesn’t affect me making plans or appointments either. It’s my severe Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA) that makes me think Really hard whether I should accept an invitation and also it is a pain for earllier appointments. I try to make my appointments for later in the day. When I wake up and I am flaring, it usually takes about 3 hours before the worst of the joint pain, stiffness and sometimes muscle aches to disperse. It was awful when our Kids were young and I had to prepare the meals, and get them ready for school. Sometimes I made their meals the night before when I was feeling okay.

Yes, I Really hope that you don’t get any other conditions Kathyann. Many do not.

Thanks for all your responses. I have celiac, and figure that the belly ache came from developing an intolerance to rice. The very slim silver lining is that I’m now eating no bread, cookies, etc., therefore fewer carbs. I always blame diabetes for dizziness.

Hi Sarah M. Thanks for the tip I like non-caffeine teas in the evening, and I will definitely try roobios. I do really dread having a dizzy spell.