Appointment With Dietician

I finally received an appointment with a dietcian after sveral months of waiting-I figured either the endo hadn’t made the referral (I never know if he’s listening) or I was on the D.E.C.'s blacklist-always a possibility! As I found out about 6 months ago at a support group meeting, “but that’s a type 2 diet” that I had been given and was following. I was dx as as type 1 and had been following this diet shown to me for about 2 1/2 years. At the beginning, not knowing a thing, I followed their directions and I had been put in with the type 2 education group because they didn’t know what else to do with me and didn’t want to put me in with the kids. So at my last endo appointment I asked for a referral. So now I would like to ask the group what kind of questions do I ask to get the right sort of diet so I can have more of the foods I’m used to and lose the necessary weight ? I’m on NovoRapid (15-25/day) and Lantus (15iu at night) I need to cut back on the total insulins and lose at least 30 lbs. Sorry for been so long-winded. And thanks for any help. Carol.

Suggested questions I would ask the CDE /Dietitian ( not necessarily in this order ) on a first visit : weigh- in ,tell what you eat regularly at this present time , so person can fit in your likes and dislikes , carb counting , insulin sensitivity , correction factor , how does regular exercise fit into meal plan , follow up appointment, can you communicate with person via e-mail ,produce a record of finger poke results before eating and approx 2 hours after eating , food eaten ( for 1 week ?) ,list of high glycemic /low glycemic foods ( how they will effect your BG results ) , tell what you are willing to be committed to , to reach your goal . Alcoholic beverages …let the person know , if you consume or not . Let person know , if you are on other meds , incl over the counter stuff , such as calcium , Vit D , other .Ask , or on the other hand it may be given : a print out of recommendations , suggestions ( I am almost certain , that a computer is available in the office ) .

Questions to ask yourself : Thyroid OK??? Do you have any updated blood work results ?
Hope this is helpful …hang in there !

Hi Carol,

I’ve found that dieticians give the same dietary recommendations regardless of type, so does the ADA.

Two ways to cut back on insulin, though you’re not taking high doses. Exercise helps, especially weight training. Anything that builds muscle mass is great. The other way is to lower carbs to lose weight & take less insulin.

If you’ve got food, dose & BG logs, those are good to bring along.