Appointment with New Endo at Palo Alto Medical Foundation Went Super!

So today I met my new endo, Dr. Randolph Linde, at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

I was very impressed with this:
-Dr. Linde leads the Shared Medical Appointment Group for Prediabetes, Diabetes and Lipid Disorders. From what I could gather, this is like a weekly support group where people with diabetes and pre-diabetes meet to learn and share (kinda like TuDiabetes, but offline)... with the twist that HE is present at the meetings!
-Everyone in the clinic was AMAZINGLY nice. I was treated with respect and friendliness.
-I could get my labwork done there (I should say it was the most amazing blood draw I remember in a long time -perhaps because for a long time I HAD to go to LabCorp in Orlando), I can check my labwork results online in a few days and they also had a Pharmacy in the premises.
-I will be able to have my PCP and my Eye Doctor there too... which is great because the clinic is about 4 blocks from my office and they all can share information very easily.

All in all, I am very happy with the experience! :)

You should do a review of your new doc at Vitals!! HINT HINT. :smiley: