Approaching the top of the hill

School is back in full swing. Today is day 4 for the boy and already we have begun the fight to get homework done. I think I will keep a notebook of his arsenal of excuses this year. Most of them are pretty pathetic, but then again...he's 12. Someday he will understand that he can use the same energy to be a success rather than to get out of doing all that HAS to be done.

We did get his room painted last weekend. I'm glad it's over. It's a small room, but I kept running into problems with the masking was real cheap and wouldn't stick in a number of places. Found this out after the fact!!! Nevertheless, the boy is quite happy with his gothic room with blood red walls and black trim. I imagine it will take several coats of primer to start over again the next time we paint...which won't be for a LONG time!!!!!

Things all around seem to be leveling out. The blood sugar issue with my husband I don't think will ever be "controlled". He's just so stubborn. Refuses to acknowledge that the body changes...which means that the regimen needs to change also. Nope! Not gonna do it! Insists on holding tight to the information and doses that were given him WAY back in 1974. So I guess we just fasten our seat belts and hold on tight! This ride will be coming to an end in just a few more years. sad is that!!!

Doesn't matter. I cannot freak myself out over it. There is only so much I can do. I can't be the one that makes the changes...that's his job. I will accept the things I cannot change so I don't get my blood pressure in a tizzy! And go on and change the things that I can.

IN THE MEAN TIME...hugs and kisses to everyone out there. Feel well! Get past your struggles! Settle into new routines and Everyone have a FLuffy day!!!!

(Full Moon today....seems to be filled with interesting positive energy. Hmmm....)