After months and months of fighting I got a call from Minimed today to tell me my order for my CGMS has been approved!!! It is being shipped tonite and I will get it tomorrow!!

I want to let everyone know that you have to be persistent, you have to keep fighting if you want one. Don’t give up, that is what they want you to do.

If you are still fighting please join the CGM Anti-denial Website to find out how can get more information on how to win your appeal and sign the CGM Anti-Denial Petition we can do it! Together!

If you want more information from me please email me at gina (dot) capone @ gmail (dot) com

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Congratulations!!!

I think that we can truly say that YOU deserve this!! Keep us posted :slight_smile: Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

Pinch me because i think i am dreaming.

YAY! That’s awesome =) Definately keep us posted!

OMG!!! I am so happy for you! Now, you have to let us know how it works and if you like it.

of course!

I am so happy for you Gina! You won your fight, our fight! :slight_smile: Congrats!

I am going through so many emotions right now.

You are not dreaming and you so deserve this!!!

Cyber pinch me ! lol I don’t believe you hahahaha



Thanks! I just made a post at my blog

Congratulations, Gina!! :0)



Congratulations, Gina. Looking forward to your blogs about adapting…

my FAVORITE commercial ever! LOL!