All right, OK, yes I knew!

All of you were on to me from the beginning. It is known that laughter is good for you and so I tried to bring some laughter to your faces.
You are a too smart a bunch to trick you into an April First fools day. I know that people taking insulin and meds for diabetes get extra sensory perception… Just look at me! LOL.
So I hereby will make this my last attempt to get April 1st turned into a Fools day in my life time!
Will keep my nose to the grindstone and talk only about diabetes.
There is plenty to talk about as I see it!
Like to thank the few who participated. Hope you all will do good with your diabetes.

JB, just returned from the Amazone.

Hey JB, so glad you’re back safely, and quickly too! Have a nice weekend, laughing all the way…

And here I was thinking I didn’t remind you that your basal would reduce slightly in the tropics! I felt so bad. My joy at your Amazone was turning into guilt!
So glad your fish are SO BIG up there!