Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water

Whew! What a week. I really enjoyed sitting down this evening with another bottle of Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water and posting a review. I usually try to actually have at least one more sample of what I’m reviewing while I’m actually writing the review. It helps me to kind of cut out all but what I really want to say about the product.

Tonight I actually found myself rushing so I could open the last bottle and chug it down after dinner. This is really good stuff. Anyone else have any experience with the FlavorSplash waters?

i mix crystal light, different flavor choices, my son had one and i tried it and it is better than pop. so now we get bottled water and crystal light flavors to mix in our water. we take it to the gym when we work out and we don’t have to worry about it going flat like pop does. it is great.