Aquatherapy - Has Anyone Tried It?

I have a daughter who wants to be a physical therapist and specialize in aquatherapy. When researching the subject, I found that aquatherapy is used to treat many health-related conditions where gravity makes traditional physical therapy and exercise difficult, if not impossible. One of the treatments listed was exercise for diabetic patients who have difficulty with traditional exercise.

Has anyone in the TuD community tried or is currently using aquatherapy, and if so, what were/are your perceptions? Has aquatherapy helped, or is it helping you?

I dont think my diabetes has a need for it, but my less than severe case of fibromyalgia does.
I assist in leading a local support group for fibro, and a few of the members participate in this with great success.
I myself have a water proof exercise card from the arthritis foundation and try to do things in my hot tub, though half the time just sitting in there is about all I want to do…LOL.

I did it for a while but ran out of energy and money. It was good for the exercise, having severe back problems, but it was exhausting and it was pre diagnosis, though I did have diabetes. Like all exercise it is good for lowering sugar levels - especially if you are taking insulin!

I can see how aquatherapy would help patients with FM since it would relieve pressure on joints and reduce pain while exercising. It’s good to know that members of your FM support group are having success with it.

I agree with you about the hot tub. I would probably find relaxing more therapeutic than exercise. :wink:

Glad to learn that you received some benefit from the therapy. If you don’t mind me asking, did NHS pay for any of your aquatherapy, or were you responsible for all expenses? Also, was it expensive? Considering expense, convenience, benefit, and ease of use relative to alternate therapies, would you recommend aquatherapy or use it again?

As a father, I’m curious as to whether or not aquatherapy is worthwhile for my daughter to be involved. She is very keen to enter a university with an undergraduate Sports Medicine program, and then go into physical therapy and aquatherapy from there.

I did hydrotherapy for my back problem several years ago. I saw a physiotherapist who gave me specific exercises for my back problem. Without hydrotherapy I believe my back would still be very painful.

That’s a very powerful endorsement. Glad to learn that you had such terrific results. Thank you for sharing that. :slight_smile:

Aquatherapy was one of the activities my doctors recommended after a back surgery 3 years ago. My lumbar 4 collapsed on my lumbar 5 after an accident. I was not able to walk for almost 7 months causing muscular atrophy on my legs. The initial rehab was extremely painful and warm water assisted in relaxing muscles I was also informed that it also helps in increasing blood flow to the injured area. The water also provided enough resistance helping me gain some muscles back without too much pain. Though my therapy program on aquatherapy only lasted for 3 months… I “graduated” from it and moved to other forms of exercises like the treadmill then to stationary cycling then to other aerobic exercises. I’m …as they say…“good as new” now =)

Thanks, Teena. Yet, another very positive experience with aquatherapy. :slight_smile: