Are basal insulin readings always low in people with LADA?

If you are moving towards a LADA diagnosis, you don't produce sufficient insulin and you are usually insulin sensitive, at least in the early stages, correct? how can you be moving towards LADA and have high basal insulin if your pancreas does not produce enough to begin with? how can you have LADA and be insulin resistant? isn't insulin resistance caused by producing such a high amount of insulin that your receptors in a sense become deaf/insensitive to it? could someone please explain the mechanisms involved?

My 2 cents about Lada is
1, The first phase insulin response to meals/snacks is diminished. So for basal needs the insulin may be sufficient at first, But its not sufficient for the meals. A newly diagnosed lada may need to go on bolus ( fast acting) insulin. Over time basal insulin is also needed.

2.One can be both deficient in insulin and insulin resistant. It can happen in 2 ways. A person is Type 2 diabetic and over time beta cell function also reduced so now they are both Type 2 (insulin resistant) and kind of Type 1 ( insulin deficient).
It can happen if a person is Type 1 at first and start on insulin therapy and may be with excess insulin now they become insulin resistant.

Hope it helps

hi rahul, thanks for answering. so based on your answer i can assume that without shooting insulin, that is, controlling a tendency for high bg with only diet and exercise, basal insulin levels in early LADA will not be high as they are in some type 2's who produce so much insulin that they become insulint-resistant. is my understanding correct?

If your BG is within range when fasting then you make enough basal insulin....The problem is at first your body will not make enough insulin to support your food intake and you will gradually have high BG levels, after more damage along with your high BG, your insulin will drop so low that your body will finally stop filling your basal requirements and you start going into the old days this all started without our knowledge, early detection was just unheard of.

I'm 61 years old and I have insulin resistance caused buy medication and weight, I use about 90u each day. When I was 30 and first Dx my insulin needs where about 5 units twice a day.......and after about 10 years I was up to about 30-35u TDD (after I started using a meter)......My body stopped making insulin almost completely within about 1 year of detection but I may have had high BG for many years before DK started and sent me to the hospital.

Insulin resistance can be caused buy may things, drugs, illness, weight, and metabolic syndrome, there are many more causes, insulin resistance is very complicated.