Are blood sugars suppose to be ALOT better on the pump?

I’ve been on it a month now, and so far I see no difference, only less lows… what bothers me is that I aim to be under 135 2 hours after meals, and even after bolusing the correct amounts on the packages i’ll end up with a bs 140 to 150 after meals… its driving me insane. And then there is the random high for instance waking up at 1 30 am last night to see my blood sugar at 200! I actually think my numbers were better on mdi ugh

jill it takes time for your endo to set the pump right after your next visit they will beable to fine adjust it from info on pump.things will get alot better you need to give it time.they may also attach a cgms to get more info to adjust pump good luck and hang in there. Patrick

One of the biggest assumptions is that the pump automatically means better control. I know its more flexible and such, but a good diabetic is a good diabetic. I can tell that you want better control so you will find a way to get it, pump or not.

Give it some time though, you’ll get the hang of it I’m sure :slight_smile:

I would say : the fewer lows are an improvement , Jill . When is your next date with your pump trainer ? Are you regularly in communication with the person ? You also started a conversation about having not felt well …this will impact your overall numbers. Remember , when you start changing your basals , that it takes a min . of one hour to have an effect …ie if number high at 2 am , increase basal at 12.30 or 1 am .
No airbubbles in tubing ?? 1 inch of " airbubble " is the equivalent of 1 unit of insulin …which will make a lot of differnce to your total daily insulin plan , as you use so little in one day .
All the best, N.

great|! thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile:
i’m a horrible perfectionist, especially when it comes to this disease

My control on the pump got worse before it got better. The pump is only as good as the settings you put into it. Take the time to get the settings right.

Do you have the book Pumping Insulin by John Walsh? It is a must-read.

Keep trying Jill, you’ll get there.