Are diabetics hypochondriacs?

Having diabetes for more about 15 years, I seem to be getting more and more ailments. The list is so long, and a new one would crop up before I can cope with the old ones. I don’t always tell my family members about how I feel as I don’t want to sound whiney and I don’t want to feel defeated. Do you think we seem to have more ailments because we listen to our body more as we are hypersensitive to the changes or do normal people have the same problems that we have?

I don’t think we are hypochondriacs… I do think that in general we might be more in tune with our bodies, and also given that most of us are under some kind of medical supervision, we are more likely to be quickly seen for any problems we might have, as opposed to someone who never goes to a doctor - they may still have similar issues but they don’t
get diagnosed quickly because they don’t see a doctor about it for a while (if ever).

I have a long list of stuff that is “wrong” with me… but at least in my case most of it has been around longer than the diabetes.

Well, since there are Hypochondriacs among the non-Diabetic population, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find a small percentage amongst People with Diabetes either.

I tend to agree with you when you said that we tend to “listen” to our body more…that’s a good thing. We wish to be “on top” of our health. Medically, we also can be more susceptible to other illnesses because we are diabetics. And lastly, we visit and consult with our doctors more often than others. For some though, the rudiments of managing our condition can cause depression and/or anxieties and due to this we experience other medical conditions… When you said that you do not want to feel defeated…that is s great sign! To answer your question…personally, I don’t think we are.

I think some of us are in denial on the other side of things I mean instead of always wondering and going to the doc about every little thing instead we avoid going in fear of a new problem. I personally did that for a while but now I just go to my appts as told to and if it is a cold no I don’t go to the doc but if it is a kidney infection or I fear some infection the off I go but I tend to tuff it out as some would say most of the time.

I don’t consider myself a hypochondriac - at least I never used too. I always tried not to worry about little aches and pains etc. But now that I have D - I worry about them. I have no insurance so I can’t afford to run to the doctor for every little thin I worry about but I now wonder if I have a weird feeling in body or pain here or there whether it is related to my D and is my body getting more rundown?

A few weeks before I found out I had D, I found out I had CIN2 on my cervix. I just had treatement for it a few weeks ago and go in for followup on Monday for results and to make sure it is healing. But now, I have that big worry about C (cancer) hanging over my head. And in a few weeks following this, I will go for my 1st mammogram - breast cancer runs in my family. I never worried aobut it before since I lead a much healthy lifestyle than my grandma (who had it) did but now since getting D was such a shock too me, and my cervical problems - what are my chances of having something wrong with my breasts? So I also worry about any symptom I may have that could be related to that.

I never used to worry about it before D - but now I do. I read that having D puts you at higher risk for cancer so I worry that my D is putting me at greater risks for other things. Just what I need, more problems. It is so exhausting. And compared to the big C - D is a walk in the park I am sure. Right now, I am holding my breathe on this stuff. It sucks being old.