Are meters this inaccurate?

7.5mmol/l (or 135 mg/dl)… that was my first blood test result today… but how accurate is really my meter… can I really trust that number?

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I believe the tolerance for meters is +/- 20% which is a huge deal. There have been discussions before on this. Not sure how to look them up though.

a home bg meter reading (above 75 mg/dl) can be as much as 20 percent off. Your blood sugar range, given a reading of 135, could really be 162 to 108. A good way to check your home meter is to compare it with a clinical reading, for example when I get my blood panels, I test at the same time they draw blood then I check THEIR random bg to my home meter. :frowning: I’m not happy about it either, but knowing you have a range of error is better than not knowing. good luck.