Are there any Doctors out there that can give advice. That use this site....?

Is it just diabetes that use this site or do Doctor come on line too. ?

Thank you for your help.
I have just got a report done by a specialist and everything that I have concerns about has just been confirmed and now my sons will being getting the correct help.

Thank you. again for your support.

Thankyou !!

Sohair is wonderful! Hopefully she can help you!

While we do have a few doctors that come online, remember always that ANY change in your treatment must come from a doctor who has an intimate knowledge of you as a patient and your patient history. Our Terms of Use states that we may not give one another specific medical advice for a change in your treatment. So, just proceed with caution, please. :slight_smile: Sohair is a wonderful doctor, but she’s a pediatric endocrinologist, so her advice may not be tailored to your needs.

This is a great place to get people’s opinions on doctors in your area though!

No problem what so ever, I know diabetes and have had some 30years of dealing with it. What i am looking for is comment as the the possible trends in the blood sugar and the best people to ask are the diabetics and doctors, but when you are being told that the figures are ok and you know that is not correct, that’s when you need other peoples advice and help.

Do you see a CDE (cert. diabetes educator) as well? I love my endo, but I switched around from CDE to CDE until I finally found my current one. She explains new technologies to me as though I am intelligent enough to understand them, but she also walks me through why my trends are what they are.

Hi Bill
When you write down a question you will always find soemone who has an opinion about it.or an answer for you. Always remember that each of us is different. And there will always be new trends, new opinions, new technologies and ideas. So, if you want somethig concrete you need a doctor who has examined you and gotten your tests back. If you want ideas, ask on here. If you want to understand something better ask on here Do you understand the differrence? I hope this helps.

Hi Bill!
They have medical professionals there to answer any and all questions.
Good luck!