Are there any special deals on CGM now"

Does Abbott, Dex or Minimed have any special deals now on CGM Systems??

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any “special deals” on CGM systems. If your insurance will cover it then each company has a set agreed on price with the insurance. If not, I know Dex and I believe the others have separate “cash” prices that are lower as they don’t have the insurance overhead and they do want people to be able to afford them. I think each company will also negotiate trade-in values with you if you’re switching CGMs. I hope that helps!

What Rebecca said. :slight_smile:

My CGM results were way off, so since it’s been 11 months since I got my first Minimed transmitter they are ordering me a new one. They haven’t made any improvements to it yet, and it costs the same, about $600.

Thanks for that, Angi! I LIKE $ numbers, then I can get an idea of what is being talked about. All to many people never put a $ number in a post… so people like me never “see” what some of this stuff costs and to decide whether to pursue trying to purchase one or not.
As soon as there is a $ number in a post like you have done, it is a go/no go situation for LOTS of people. (Depending on insurance etc)

I like intelligent people who understand that. Again, thanks!

Sorry Ken, never occurred to me to put in numbers because I have the good fortune of having my CGM’s covered 100% by insurance so I don’t know the numbers. Those number will change for everyone too since everyone’s insurance covers differently. If you’re purchasing outright before insurance approval from Dexcom here’s the form: If you know you’re not going to get insurance approval I’m pretty sure you can get a discount on the starter package and I know through the website you can order sensor boxes (4 sensors) for $275/box. Again, these are discounted cash only (no insurance prices). Good luck in making a decision. Also, I believe Medtronic is having a drawing in December for a free CGM. They sent me a postcard but you might want to contact them to see if it can be entered online.

It’s hard to give actual numbers because the prices aren’t fixed or standardized by the industry. I know that I paid less than $1000 for my Navigator CGMS receiver (though I paid only 10% of that), but I’ve heard it goes for closer to $600 now. Again, depends on your insurance.

As for the individual sensors, with one durable medical supplier (Edgepark) under my last BCBS plan (that paid 90%), I paid almost $400 every 3 months (or approx. $222 per sensor before insurance, of which I paid $22 per sensor) for 18 sensors. For the SAME sensor from a different durable medical supplier (Byram Healthcare) with my current BCBS (that pays 80%), I pay $500 every 3 months (approx. $138 per sensor before insurance, of which I pay $28 per sensor) for 18 sensors. And yet I’ve heard of people paying $60 per sensor out-of-pocket without insurance.

And that’s all for just my Navigator and supplies under various insurance plans. I can’t compare it to Dexcom’s or Minimed’s devices. See why we are hesitant to give you specifics? May not apply to your case!

So it’s now over a month after you asked but Dexcom just emailed me the attached flier with a 40% off promotion if you get your order in before December 31st. The flier says the price is $999 for the CGM starter kit and a month’s supply of sensors (this usually means 4 sensors). It says that saves you $648 off of the list price. To get the savings you must mention code EOY09. See the flier for details.
6923-PromotionFlier2009_1.pdf (164 KB)