Are we getting closer to a cure, or

What a column. Starts on Jnuary 2012 with valid serious concerns and thoughts.
Peters out by april 2012.

No real answers.

Good work is going on around the world but we are stalled here in America on same old stuff.

Good research work sits stalled in the Government warehouse holding Indiana Jones relics and discoveries.

Most work seems to be on type 1 while for type 2 - what?

Metformin, exercise and diet and a few new drugs are being worked.

Never mind the numbers, There is in my mind no real focus and work on solving 85 percent of the diabetic problem and a holy prayer that type 1 cures will solve all the problems.

Worse than depressing!

I agree Jims. As long as the focus and money continue to go to T2 meds, statins, etc., the hope of a cure is pretty slim.
I do see some small hope in the Joslin medal studies and Dr. Faustman's research.